My vision

My vision:

It is my goal that the different subjects that I write about on this blog are easy to understand.
So enjoy the journey ahead of learning about the different subjects that are presented on this blog.

My favorite quote

Nothing is easy until once you learn how to do it.
I use that quote in my daily life. As there is nothing worse when someone says something is easy.

What I want to write about?

As I learn more about different subjects I want to share my knowledge with you.
I have found that there is no better way to fully grasp the subject then write about it.

My goal list so far

Basic information about binary
Binary addition and subtraction
Binary multiplication and division
The four cycles that make up your computer – Input, storage, processing and output.
Word of the week
Quiz page on learning binary
Introduction to the mac terminal
Introduction to command prompt
The right way on how to blend on Photoshop

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