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Learning the Terminal —

Welcome to the land of the terminal! – Sanctum 1

My first of many series on how to use the terminal. As I dive more and more into the terminal I would like to share my knowledge with you.


A shout out to my boyfriend Alex to helping me come up with a story for a novel that I was going to write. But instead using the idea to write the land of the terminal series.

Each chapter will be known as a sanctum.

Welcome to sanctum one.


Dive into the magic and explore the magical land of terminal around you!
Disclaimer: No magical creatures were harmed in the making of this series.

What is this wizardry you speak of?

The race of humans, rats, and mutated elves has gathered around the fire to speak of peace. Peace will that bring harmony to the mystical realm of Uldas once again.

Brief history of this terminal?

It all started five hundred years ago when the humans in the kingdom of Zerradith. They seeked to destroy the other creatures that lived peacefully among the sanctums(kingdoms). No magical power was enough for them because they needed more orbs. They needed these orbs for their land to sustain them.
It was five hundred and fifty years ago that a legend was born. A little mortal Zerdo decided to explore beyond the walls of Zerrodith and into the land of ATT. He had only known the safety and the comfort of his Sanctum.
However as a curious mortal he touched a mystical glowing light that would become known as an orb. Not knowing the dangers of this mystical light that glowed beyond the five suns he grasped it tightly. Puzzled by the light he began analyzing its features.
It was their that he witnessed the orbs power. The orbs magic would come together to fuel University of Berkeley. This University of Berkeley would wield together the magic Unix that remains to this day.

The origins of the orb!

Now we will explore this mystical element known as Unix.
All the elements that the orbs form start with the root.
The orb then grows off the root to form the directories and files.
/Landofterminal/Sanctum 1//Seven sanctums.odt
Landofterminal is the directory
The whole structure is the path. A path is a instruction that the young mortal had to go on to find the first mystical orb.
The Sanctum 1 is the subdirectory. While Seven sanctums.odt is the file.

<img here put in later>
The young mortal Zerdo wants to use the orb to manipulate part of the path.
He would use a <strong>relative path</strong>. The young mortal Zerdo would not use the root to manipulate the orb. Instead he would use a <strong>Absolute path</strong> to do that

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