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How computer boots(stars) up —

What happens when you boot up(turn) on your computer?

You are about to turn you computer on and you see the shiny button power button your about to press. But do you know what goes on behind the scenes to make your computer start up?

The scenario

What is booting?

  1. You first turn the computer on
  2. You have awoken the computer and has gotten it’s attention. The computer now reads from the BIOS chip. The chip contains the processor(CPU) that now reads the ROM(read only memory).

    and then perforsm the power-on self test(POST) to make sure the components of your computer are working proplery

  3. The memory contorllers checks on the memory addresses with a quick read/write operation to esure there are no errors in the memory chooip
  4. Computer then loads BIOS from ROM
  5. Computer loads the operating system from the hard drive into the systems RAM if on.
  6. When you open an app it is loaded into RAM
  7. After tehe app loads any files that are opened into RAM
  8. When you save a file or close the appl the file writter is transfered to a specific storage device and then is purged from RAM altogether.

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