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Binary to Hex and Hex to Binary —

This is the continuation of the learning binary series. Be sure to read my binary blog post and hexadecimal blog post before you read this article on binary to hex. Binary to hexadecimal Lets start with a binary number 1110010111010 As with binary numbers you start from right to left. Starting from right you divide the binary […]

Learning the Terminal —

Welcome to the land of the terminal! – Sanctum 1 My first of many series on how to use the terminal. As I dive more and more into the terminal I would like to share my knowledge with you. Shoutout A shout out to my boyfriend Alex to helping me come up with a story for […]

Digital processing —

Digital devices are controlled by programs. High level programming A language such as Java and C++ that uses command words to from sentence like statements. After the compiler converts the statements into Source code – human readable code. A programmer creates human reasdable source code using a programming language. The the complier or interprerter convers […]

Addressablility —

The computer indentifies memory locations each memory location needs an address Address is a unique indentififier for specific memory location width of address determines how many memory locations 1 bit address acccess 2 memory locations Calculationg memory locations How many memory locations could a computer with a 8 bit address bus access 2 to the […]