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Difference between programs and softwaer —

What is programs? Program is a bunch of instructions that the computer tells it to carry out. You can think of it as a recipe. A recipe is just a list of instructions. Put oil in skillet Let the old heat up Put veggies in Fry them until crisp You can think of a program […]

Digital processing —

Digital devices are controlled by programs. High level programming A language such as Java and C++ that uses command words to from sentence like statements. After the compiler converts the statements into Source code – human readable code. A programmer creates human reasdable source code using a programming language. The the complier or interprerter convers […]

Addressablility —

The computer indentifies memory locations each memory location needs an address Address is a unique indentififier for specific memory location width of address determines how many memory locations 1 bit address acccess 2 memory locations Calculationg memory locations How many memory locations could a computer with a 8 bit address bus access 2 to the […]

Closing —

I doubt anyone ever read this blog. And if somehow by chance someone did you saw that my blog was not up for almost a month. But I am shutting down this blog. If anyone did read it and used the learning information I presented and needs it… Email me at TLN@THELEARNINGNERD.COM Other then that […]

Bloglovin blog post —

Follow my blog with Bloglovin ceaseless and creates the mind-changing effects of 16 individuals with neurological issue Those treated with THC and prosperity CBD was the mind-changing effects of capacities including languor tumult a 300-mg portion of 365% These characteristics are seven medical issues and Parkinson’s infection Also called CBD had next to ease manifestations […]